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Falls in the older adult population have become an epidemic in the US.

It is estimated that over 13.3 million people 65 years and older will fall this year and evidence tells us that of patients found alive, 62% were hospitalized and approximately half required intensive care.

This indicates that the need for quick intervention post-fall is not just important but literally a matter of life or death.

How the Lifeline Service works

123 How Lifeline Works with AutoAlert Pendant

Summon help

Simply push your Lifeline Help Button at any time to connect to our 24/7 Response Center. Note: If you have our Lifeline with AutoAlert option, you will get an added layer of protection, as your AutoAlert Help Button will automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected and you are unable to push your button.

Hear a reassuring voice

A Lifeline Response Associate will access your profile and assess the situation.

Know help is on the way

Our Associate will contact a neighbor, loved one,or emergency services based on your specific needs, and will follow up to confirm that help has arrived.

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